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Psychotherapy can be a deeply nourishing gift. It is inherently valuable to afford ourselves the time and space to be heard, seen, and understood. It can also be an opportunity to do the good work required in order to open and unfold toward our truest potential. Other times psychotherapy can feel like a life line, keeping us connected to a light in the dark. The experience of psychotherapy can empower us to cultivate strength, insight and trust in our truest inner guidance.

David-$135, Michelle-$135


Michelle Hogan

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist


David Levine

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

psychotherapy team

David and Michelle

Grounded in psychodynamic, somatic and intersubjective theories both David and Michelle’s work investigates the relationship between emotion, body and psyche. Issues related to relationships, parenting, career choices, trauma and limiting lifestyle patterns may be explored through verbal exploration and potentially using movement and body awareness techniques.

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