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Naturopathic Medicine is a form of health care that emphasizes the use of prevention and natural therapeutics in order to inspire the body's natural ability to heal. Identifying the underlying cause of disease vs. symptom management is a primary focus of naturopathic healthcare. 

Initial-$225, Follow up-$110

Dr. Erica offers a 75 minute initial naturopathic consultation, 45 minute follow up consultations, and phone or video follow up consultations. A visit includes a full health history and discussion of current health concerns; review of recent lab work or tests; and a summary of naturopathic treatment options. Dr. Erica’s treatment plan typically includes nutritional suggestions; vitamin/supplement protocol; exercise and stress management; and suggestions for additional testing if necessary. Along with her background in naturopathic medicine,  Dr. Erica is also a IFM Functional Medicine Health Coach. With an emphasis in positive psychology, she blends the functional medicine coaching model with naturopathic medicine and helps patients create short and long term goals for attaining optimal health.


Dr. Erica Waters

Naturopathic Medicine

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