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Nutrition is not a one-size-fits-all practice. We are all unique, with our own genetic make-up, health history, lifestyle and emotional profile; therefore, we each require a customized strategy to reach our goals and sustain optimal health.

Initial-$150, Follow up-$100


Initial Visit

The initial nutrition assessment is typically 60 minutes. During that visit Dawn will take a full history, review all supplements and medications, discuss any exercise and current health complaints and symptoms. Dawn will also review any previous blood work and explain what each result may mean as it pertains to the reason for the visit. At the end of the session, Dawn will send a “nutrition recap” email summarizing everything discussed as well as provide a short list of recommendations or “homework” to begin addressing the client’s goals.


Follow Up Visits

Follow up visits are typically 45-60 minutes and include a review of progress and the next set of recommendations to help the client reach their goals. These visits are scheduled as needed, based on each individual’s goals. It is most common that follow up visits are scheduled every other week until the client’s goals are met.


Dawn Poirier


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