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It has been proven that the key to happiness is being comfortable with the present moment, whatever that moment may look like. Easier said than done! Mindfulness is the practice of paying attention without the distraction of regrets, worries or plans, even for a little while.

Tools for Mindful Living

Mindfulness is a Spa treatment for your brain! 

In this weekly class we will develop skills for bringing mindfulness into your daily life. Through breathing exercises, visualization and journaling you will come away with a tool box for living with more ease and joy.

Learn how to train your attention and awareness to bring you into an emotionally calm, clear and stable state. You will leave the class feeling relaxed and peaceful.

Join Edina Segal for this weekly class and learn various way you can live a more balanced life through mindfulness techniques.

Please bring comfortable clothes and bring a journal. 

When: Thursday 11:00-12:00

Enjoy your first class free!

Single class is $22
10 pack is $180

Please register here or
call 631-848-2268

This class will only run with two or more sign ups, so please check schedule before coming. If you have signed up, and class is later canceled, you will be refunded. Thank you!


Edina Segal

Yoga/Mindfulness Practitioner


Edina has been an educator and yoga/mindfulness practitioner for over 18 years. She has lived and studied at the Omega wellness institute,  Sivananda ashrams and is certified in mindfulness in education . Edina has designed and implemented supplemental educational programming, incorporating mindfulness practices both locally and abroad. She is passionate about inspiring adults and children to cultivate the skills they need for a journey toward peacefulness, balance and happiness in their daily lives.

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