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somawell huntington ny

SomaWell is a group of skilled health practitioners collaborating to offer personalized integrative health care programs to the community. 


At SomaWell we offer a comprehensive assortment of integrative wellness services such as Naturopathic Medicine, Acupuncture, Integrative Nutrition, Psychotherapy, Life Coaching, Sound Energy Healing, and Massage. We also hold a wide variety of Yoga classes, Meditation and Mindfulness classes, as well as other workshops and events geared toward the whole family. 


The various integrative and holistic health modalities that we offer at SomaWell all gain efficacy from the neurological changes that occur as a result of feeling deeply relaxed and more at home in our body where the deepest and most sustainable healing occurs. 


Embodied living means that we are grounded in a sensory awareness of our mind and body working seamlessly as one. All of our treatment modalities at SomaWell are practiced with this intention. 


Brain imaging technology has allowed neuroscientists to study the brain in such great detail that we now understand the neurobiological benefits of mind-body therapies and practices.


Studies show that practicing mindfulness, an essential component of any mind-body practice, enhances pre-frontal cortex performance which cultivates a more functional integration between the frontal lobe and the limbic system. This integration increases the capacity for emotional regulation and presence, enabling us to live more fully in the moment. 


Creating a safe space and serving our community is our mission at SomaWell. As teachers and practitioners, we are committed to caring for the people we serve with empathy and compassion, as we gently guide them toward greater health and self awareness. 


At SomaWell we embody an authentic integration of mind, body, and spirit. Together, as practitioners and teachers, we are dedicated to our own spiritual and integrative health practices. 


Whether you are seeking a deepening experience or searching for a pragmatic solution, we recognize that an essential component of health and healing is considering every aspect of being human. An open-minded community that embraces authenticity, diversity, and sensitivity is a necessary part of growth and evolution. 


Come join us at SomaWell, finding presence, health, and embodied living, together. 

Since moving to Huntington it has been Michelle’s dream to open a wellness center on Long Island, and to bring all of the wonderful gifts that her and David had received from their education in the  bay area to their local community. 

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