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Qigong is a holistic system of coordinated body-posture and movement, breathing, and meditation used for the purposes of health, spirituality, and martial-arts training.

QiGong for Vitality and Joy


In the Chinese language, QI means "energy" and GONG means "exercise" or "cultivation". About 7000 different forms of QiGong evolved over many centuries, ranging from non-strenuous to quite rigorous, and were often designed for specific health conditions. All parts of our being are exercised and revitalized simply because the energy which gives us life permeates every part of us ~ our physical body, our mind, our spirit. Daily practice of this ancient system of meditation steadily cultivates strength, stamina, clarity of mind, willpower, positive outlook, and movement coordination. Enjoy improved balance, deeper breathing, enhanced healing ability, and better sleep.


The practices you will learn are fluid, easy to learn, and considered non-strenuous. The focus on postural and breath awareness is intended to help carry you through every moment of your day. You will learn meditative exercises as well as entire sets of sequential movements.


Dress comfortably in layers and sneakers. Please avoid eating for 1 hour prior to your class.

When: Tuesday 2:30-4:00

Enjoy your first class free!

Single class is $22
10 pack is $180

Please register here or
call 631-848-2268

This class will only run with two or more sign ups, so please check schedule before coming. If you have signed up, and class is later canceled, you will be refunded. Thank you!

Leslie Martin

I am a NYS Licensed Massage Therapist, Certified Amma Therapist, ASEA Associate, and was an Associate Professor of Amma Therapy, European Bodywork, & Holistic Lifestyle at NY College of Health Professions for 18 years. I credit my 36-year longevity in the MT field to Taoist QiGong practices of the past 20 years, as well as to the miracles of holistic diet, lifestyle, and Eastern medical perspective.


I am happy to continue sharing all that I have learned along the way with others seeking to improve their health, outlook, and vitality. In the Taoist tradition, I meet you wherever you are in your health and physical ability. If you are working with a particular health condition, please feel free to speak to me.