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Adrienne Nagy

Certified Women’s Wellness Educator and Founder of Seeking Center

Before deciding to stay at home to raise her now-teenage girls, Addie spent a decade of working in all aspects of medical education. Utilizing her MA in Journalism (NYU) she worked closely with international thought leaders to provide continuing education programs to physicians. 


Her focus then changed to her home and family. Her passion for health, medicine and alternative practices extended to her parenting (nutrition, rhythm, nature, living with the seasons). Always looking to learn new skills, she received her LifeWays Certification to help with her work with small children from birth to age 7 (first her own, then in a preschool setting). Addie spent a decade and a half as a Waldorf mom where she was active in the community.  


During this time, she experienced several health crises, including post partum depression. Her years-long wellness journey led her to become a Certified Women's Wellness Educator (WellGrounded Institute). As part of her own healing, she found a calling, a way to pay it forward to other mamas who need a helping hand to get back on their feet. 


She created Seeking Center to educate, inspire, encourage and support women from all walks of life, together, in community. Through her workshops she offers women a starting point and a soft place to land as they look for ways to increase their overall well-being. She shares life-giving information and loving support to be able to enter each day with an increased sense of calm, clarity and vitality and to show up as the best version of self.


Addie is very excited to share her programs at SomaWell!

For questions please email Addie

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